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There is one thing I love almost just as much as taking photographs of my amazing clients; its delivering their print products. I get so excited to hand over the customized print products that they order during our special reveal night. From wall art that they will hang on the walls, to albums they will display on their coffee tables, and the beautiful prints they will treasure forever, it makes my heart sing to know that they will have tangible items to cherish their precious family portraits that will last a lifetime because they are heirloom quality. You see, I don't want my clients to just have digital files that can become corrupted or obsolete over time. I want them to have print products that I can guarantee and that they can pass down to their family members as time goes on. Just like when you hold a picture of your Grandmother and remember the time she held your hand while telling you they story of how she met your Grandfather, these too will be there to treasure for a lifetime. 

I wanted to share this blog post to show some of the little details. I want your entire photography experience with me to be the best one you ever had. From booking the session, all the way to the delivery of products, nothing is left without a personal touch.

Packaging Print Box From Shannon Lee Photography | Long Island
Print Sleeve| Kraft and Jute| Photography| Prints| Long Island
Camera Teether |Print Products Packaging |Long Island | Shannon Lee Photography

Isn't that all natural wooden teether the coolest? It is from Clover and Birch! I love them! Perfect for my tiny Newborn client. You can find their products here.

Customized USB Drive| Thank You Card For Photography Client| Long Island