Sometimes You Just Don't Feel Like You Are Enough | Mommy & Me Sessions |Long Island

You are tired. The hours are long, and mostly you feel like you are not enough. There is not enough to go around. You give everything you have to this job, being a Mother, yet you often feel that it goes unnoticed. Will they remember when you stayed up all night baking those cupcakes at the last minute because they had know for a week they needed them for the classroom but told you the night before? Will they understand the sacrifices you made for them, such as having to learn how to rock your new grey hairs so that they could have that birthday party they wanted? Will they ever know the yearning you felt to feel like your old self, just for one day, to be able to indulge in "you" time. You know, the time where you go shopping and just get lost in the experience instead of having to multi task like you are an octopus grabbing at the stroller, the things they are dropping, the one running out the store door, just to find a simple shirt you could wear that isn't stained and 10 years old?

Mother and Daughter Hugging Mommy and Me session Long Island| Matilda Jane Dress

I want to tell you that they may not remember the fine details, the endless minutes that seems like hours that they are throwing those fits that drive you mad. But what they will remember, is the love you gave them and how they felt. How they felt that no matter what, you are there for them. They will have a solid foundation to go out into the world and be their own person because you have been there all along. Because you are enough, you are more than enough. You are their rock, their everything. 

Mother kissing toddler | Mommy and Me session | Mother's Day Portrait

I love these sessions because they celebrate that bond. The unbreakable bond between mother and child. They are only little for so long. Why not capture them, in this moment, as they are now, with one of the most important people in their lives; you! I want you to have these portraits to look back on and remember that these are the special days, the days were you gave all and you were enough. The special hugs and kisses you shared, the laughter of rolling around and having a tickle fight.

Mom and Daughter Tickle Fight |Mommy and Me Session | Long Island

I want to freeze those moments for you, in time, so that you have a tangible memory that you can hold on to. So when they may become parents themselves one day, you can bring out this portrait and explain to them, that they too, are enough. 

Three Generation Mommy and Me session | Grandma, Mom, and Baby| Long Island
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These sessions will run April-May at a specified location. They will be held during the golden hour so limited spots are available.