Urban Shoot With My Teen

As a Long Island family photographer, I  have been wanting to do an urban type of photo-shoot for a while now; ever since I was downtown and seen the little red cellphone booths that resemble those red London phone booths we often see on the television.  I took the opportunity to do such a shoot with my teen daughter this past weekend. She had just got a new haircut at Hollywood Blvd in Shirley,  and was in love with it. Her confidence was soaring and I wanted to capture it. 

It was a bit chilly out, but the light from the sun was so beautiful. You know how the last days of Long Island's winters can be just before spring rolls in. We managed to get some great shots in before stopping to have a sushi roll together and to warm up. 

The sushi was amazing and of course my stepdaughter had to have her Japanese soda, so it came along with us for some more photos. She desires to visit Japan one day so she can have tea in a tea house with cats and explore all that Japan has to offer. 

We were starting to get chilly so we headed back to the car. I was a bit disappointed because I couldn't find the red phone booths that I had seen downtown before. But I had managed to find a cool alley with a nice brick wall to capture some images before going. She laughed at me as I begged for just one more photo. 

Just as we are getting into the car, I see it, the red phone booth! She looks at me with a face that says it all, she is ready to go home. I look at her pleadingly, hoping I could convince her. She agrees, but only if we drive over to the phone booth, done.