A View Into the Life of a Long Island Photographer During the Winter

A View Into the Life of a Long Island Photographer During the Winter

Winter sets in on Long Island and my outdoor portrait sessions come to a halt. The weather is unpredictable, so even if I wanted to do a snow day shoot, or take advantage of the random 50 degree days we have, its hard to plan. As a Long Island Photographer, I like to keep sharp on my shooting skills so I can not provide the best portraits possible for my clients. It also give me a chance to document my family. I have started a 365 day personal project. Each day I will capture one photo of my family or our life. This type of photography is often called Lifestyle photography or documentary photography; they often cross over. It is actually my favorite genre of photography to capture. If you didn't know already, I also shoot these types of sessions in my clients homes. Capturing the real moments, as they unfold, and just as you are. 

This is week one of my project. 

Some Fun at Wertheim, Long Island Wildlife Refuge | Photography Session

I had such an amazing time capturing this bright young lady's portrait. This is Kathryn, and she loves this Wildlife Refuge located in Shirley, NY. One of Long Island's great hidden treasures.

Such a beautiful park. Located On Long Island, NY

When she isn't busy being a teenager, this young lady is a camp counselor and teaches science to youngsters. See loves the Wertheim National Wildlife Refuge. She has been a camper there since she was in elementary school and now enjoys being a counselor. She said you can often see fox and deer in the park. 


We had so much fun during our shoot, laughing and getting to know each other. We share the same favorite color, which is blue. 

She loves this trail and insisted she had a photo on it.  Long Island | Shannon Lee Photography

We made sure to schedule her photo shoot during the best time for light, the golden hour. Its when we get this dreamy light before the sun sets over Long Island, NY. 

Kathryn and her mom came in about a week after their session and we designed a beautiful heirloom photo album with the portraits from this shoot. Kathryn picked out her favorite which is one of her jumping up in the air and enjoying herself during the shoot. 


Having a blast at her photo shoot.  Long Island, NY | Shannon Lee Photography


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Why Did Target Take Away the Little Red Shopping Carts?

My little guy and I were very happy when about a month ago we went in to our favorite Target in Medford, NY and saw these cute little red shopping carts. What a great addition to the store. We could not wait to try them out. Being that my toddler likes to be independent, these were a great way to teach him about shopping.

We love our Target in Medford, NY!

We always start our trips off with a pit-stop at Starbucks. I always say it was a genius move on Target to add Starbucks to thier stores, much like these little shopping carts. We get a chocolate milk for the little guy, and mom gets her chai tea latte. 

So off we go for our shopping trip. He is loving his independence. Now I know some people complained about these carts, saying that people were getting ran over, and that kids were out of control. Not once did my child run someone over, or go crazy and run into things. 

Chocolate milk in hand and off he goes. We love shopping at Target with the little red shopping carts. 

Chocolate milk in hand and off he goes. We love shopping at Target with the little red shopping carts. 

Honestly, we come to Target quite often, even if it is to grab a quick item. This day we only needed orange juice, but because my little guy was so well behaved, because he got to walk around with his own cart, we stayed longer and actually purchased more items because we were having a great time. Here he is helping mommy get the orange juice. 

So there are kids in the store pushing these carts around and that is a problem? Why? Kids are always in the stores running around or they are in their parents shopping carts and throwing a fit because they are bored to tears. On this day we saw several parents with their little ones pushing carts. All the kids were well behaved and having fun shopping along side their parents. 

My little guy had a blast in the Halloween area, his imagination was running wild. He wasn't screaming at me to leave, he wasn't crying to see something. Guess what that means Target? It means I shop longer in your store and purchase more items. 

My toddler having fun with the Halloween section at Target with the littel red shopping cart. Medford, NY

So who is complaining? You have always been my number one store. I love how progressive you are with the non gender toy idea, the pride merchandise, and many other things you do to try and make your customers happy, You have taken on much larger battles than this one. Why let a few individuals ruin it for a lot of parents who adore these shopping carts because it lets their children enjoy the shopping trip as well?

Perhaps you can keep the carts and have them out during the week in the morning and afternoon hours when it is less busy?  When there isn't a chance that a toddler with a shopping cart won't "run" into someone else?  I have not seen any of these issues that people are complaining about, and honestly, I feel on the weekends, it is some of the adults that I need to look out for. 

I said my opinion. I hope that we can make a compromise somehow. We really do love Target. This was such an awesome addition for us Moms and Dads with little ones. 

Time to check out!